Photographed by Studio GREI

Photographed by Studio GREI


My name is Ying Cui or to make things easier, call me Priscelia. I'm a Makeup and Hair Artist based in Singapore.

Inspired from early childhood by the private art classes I took, I discovered an undeniable compulsion to create. Drawing, painting, jewelry making and fashion became an integral part of my life. Creating has become such a norm that I challenge myself by being involved with beauty in any way I can.

Having completed a Bachelor's Degree in Social Science (Psychology) in Singapore Management University, I continue to train and develop my techniques in the beauty industry while learning appreciation for all forms of art. 

My passion for colors, textures and human features have led to a series of blossoming collaborations in the fields of fashion, beauty and music, with my most recent work being featured in Elle Magazine Singapore, Female Singapore, Nuyou Singapore, T Magazine Singapore, Yoko Magazine and Humble Magazine.

Being the makeup artist for fashion showcases like the Why Not Show (Key), Stefano Ricci Fashion Showcase (Key), Jamore Fashion Showcase (Key), Johny Dar X Blacks: Where the Future Starts (Key for hair) and London Queer Fashion Show (Makeup) has also allowed me to display my skills in both the makeup and hair department.

Brands I’ve worked with: Salvatore Ferragamo, Mont Blanc, G-Shock, Asics and Asics Tiger Singapore, Whole9Yards, MOVI London, Laneige, Artisan and Fox, ANN PETITE (Beijing) [just to name a few]

My celebrity and music clientele include:

Lawrence Wong (most known for his role in Yanxi Palace), David Foster (16 Grammy Award Winner and judge in Asia’s Got Talent), Jamie Chua (Socialite and Celebrity Influencer), The Sam Willows, Narelle Kheng (Sony Music SG), Lin Ying (Universal Music SG), Disco Hue, Ffion and Jasmine Sokko (Warner Music SG) and Singer and Songwriter Charlene Su.

I look forward to new collaborations with creatives all over the world, so feel free to get in touch via the form below!